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Hello dtiys Community,

This is my version of the ladybug. The reference drawing is by @loverdoll. I am using once again the Pinky and Spiky Drawing style that I had been using for the longest time.

I kept the ladybug character but added a cryptoart twist to it. Bitcoin value had been going up lately and to celebrate that rare moment I decided to include it as part of the theme. It is also a Christmas angel notice the two halos? That is one quirky detail that I love about my drawing. At first it was a single halo but I thought about making it two. I added a silver bell which is being held by the ladybug, some pine trees on the background and snow flakes falling. That winter scene and the bug flying outside tells about Bitcoin coming out of crypto winter 😉 So this version of my drawing represents different themes in one.

Here is how I made my entry:

The final line drawing. I adjusted the wings a bit to give that illusion of flight. The feet are now close together to support the aforementioned idea. I substituted the dots to Bitcoin symbol and to match that I used golden yellow color instead of the red for ladybug as shown below.

The base colors are subdued so that the image would sit well with the Christmas angel and winter themes

Here I am showing the highlights

I could have settled with a blank background but I think this shade of blue is necessary to depict the winter and night scene. That is it my friends hope that you like it.

Thank you for stopping by


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