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Greetings, how are you steemit friends? glad to meet you again and hopefully healthy always. Today I just want to share my hobby during my spare time.
I created 3D steam coins using 3Ds MAX app, although not perfect it's just that I really enjoy this process :)

You can use this image.

This is the simplest design stage I'm working on

My first rendering result

My last rendering tonight

Thank you for visiting my blog, see you later and good night :)

Best regards @kharrazi

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow you are using 3Ds MAX, i often use Cinema 4D for cinematography needs. We can share our knowledge of 3D projects, maybe.
Here is my work first


wow, nice to meet you who have the same hobby with me, hopefully :)

InsyaAllah singoh lon menuju Lhok :)

The design is amazing. Everyone wants to get this gold coin.Thank you for sharing @kharrazi

sebuah ide yang luar biasa dalam mendesain adun @kharrazi, kalau udah jadi koin emas nya bagi-bagi beh....
Salam Hormat saya @airil280708.

very nice design brother @kharrazi

thank you :)


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hehehe jrateuh.....60 droe ureng vote kalon loen vote jinoe...

Hana perlee neu vote hehehe

angeeeeen hahahahaha...