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New innovative projects are launched with aim to get success in its field. But many of them get failed because of less attention, experience and sources etc. There are many important factors on which success of a project depends. New projects needs guidance in these fields. The Crypto Announced is helping new project too much in various fields.

How Crypto Announced is Helping


Crypto Announced is making easy to get attention for new projects in this time when growing is a difficult task. Its services are helping in getting investment on projects. At the same time it is helping investors to find opportunities for them. The experienced team of Crypto Announced help projects in marketing and setting up. The team is so experienced and work with many projects. Currently many project are working with Crypto Announced. Literally the Crypto Announced is helping project to get attention and community that leads to success. You can understand the value of Crypto Announced by this statement

A good project without attention is useless
At the same time
A medium project is successful with attention.

Crypto Announced is also doing marketing and managing of social media by its techniques. The Crypto Announced is powered by Covir.

Partnered Projects

The following are the projects that are partnered with Crypto Announced at this time :

  1. Covir
  2. Saving Coin
  3. Crypto Yen
  4. Covid-19
  5. All-Safe
  6. News24
  7. BD-Cash
  8. Meraki
  9. Index
  10. Tensor Coin
  11. BYTN
  12. Yep Coin
  13. Crypto News Net
  14. Willow Coin
  15. Bitcoin Flex

Crypto Announced Communities

Crypto Announced has a huge community with many investors and peoples that keep their eyes on new projects. It has following numbers of followers and members on different social platforms :

  1. Discord 2000+ Members
  2. Telegram 4000+ Members
  3. Twitter 300+ Followers

Official Links

Discord Server :
Telegram :

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