Steem Academy Homework | Wave Field Energy and Bandwidth Operation Practice by @Nabeelsaqib

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Hello steemit friends how are you And I hope you are fine and happy My topic today is Steam Academy homework
This is the second phase of the job I participated in. Although it is said that every other line is like a mountain, but with the guidance of a master, I think it is easy to do the homework. Looking back at the last assignment, after looking at this assignment, I found that the smart contract concept of the last assignment was sloppy. The original smart contract calls were to burn coins, or to pay for energy or bandwidth!


The realization of smart contracts has greater limitations. I originally wanted to reduce costs through smart contracts. However, after reading this tutorial carefully, I feel that freezing coins can also obtain energy and bandwidth. In this way, the smart contract concept of the previous period is still promising. Now let’s actually freeze

TRX to gain energy!

Follow the installation and registration tutorial of TRON Wallet by Professor Lan, download and install Bobo Pro, and then import the TRON Private Key from the PDF key file downloaded when registering for steemit, and then Bobo Pro is complete! Open the Pobao Pro wallet and click Freeze on the asset options page of the main page.
After clicking Freeze, it will go to the frozen page. Choose Energy for Freeze Type, then enter the amount of TRX to be frozen, and click the Freeze button at the bottom

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