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Superare None-fungible token project is like a market place where art creators take out their products to be sold. Each item presented for sale must be unique - one of a kind. An interested person purchases and possesses the right of the said item. The only difference is that what is sold is not literal art collection but a digital art. It could take any form like photos, videos, animations; various forms of digital art that holds value.

In SUPERARE, artists are allowed to sign up to the platform and upload their digital work. That digital work will be given an i.d that makes it unique and traceable on the blockchain or tokenized. This makes the owner of the work has the sole right to his creative work. Once the item is sold, the owner relinquishes the right to the ownership of the work to the buyer.

There are two ways one can participate in superare project: one is as an artist.
As an artist you will need to fill up their form to be part of the platform. Follow this link below if you would like to fill up the form:

According to superare they are currently working with few artist but will have their full lunch next year. Whenever your work is bought, SUPERARE collects 15% commission and 85% goes to you as the owner of the work.

SECOND way to participate in the project is as a buyer or collector. In other to do so you will need to sign up with their platform, link your etherum account to the account you created with them and then check the feeds for you to see collectibles to buy.

As the world of crpto space keeps expanding and with the invention of non-fungible tokens now gaining attention in the market, could it not be wise to join the bandwagon?


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