I think that we are still totally clueless why these price shocks happen all the time. And since there have been so many already you could say that it is quite funny that we are clueless most of the time 🤔

And we will stay clueless for some more time! At least I will.
Just trying to buy some coins on a monthly basis!

Do you also invest in other things?
Like shares of bonds?

Nope only crypto.
Did had some nice profit with ING when we had the bank crash. But for the rest I do stay away from the regular stock market!


Cause I would say crypto brings in much higher risks.

You do have a point there. But for the moment I am waiting on a crash in the regular stock market before I will buy regular stocks again. I do want to buy low and sell high, and if I do buy now, I could buy high and maybe sell a little higher but also there is a big possibility that I would be to late with selling before the market crashes!

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