F*** that is like my life laid 'bear'
2018 gobbled most of my portfolio value and I have a bad feeling that there is still some more to go...


Looool yep certainly reflects the feel right now for 2018

Keep your portfolio safe lol

@crypto2crypto, Ha Ha, this is really true meme and for sure many are facing this situation because so many people entered into this Economy thinking as this is quick money making mechanism.

But that's not the case and every Economy faces ups and downs and we have to showcase the patience in these type of markets where everything is drive through the human emotions.

In my opinion, once again tables will be turned and market will boom but over expectation is not expected, so let's hope that everything will be fall on right time and right place.

And in Steem Economy we have so many amazing updates are announced and for sure good times are ahead and just we have to showcase the patience.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Currently thing's are worse no one ever thought crypto could this down! Many portfolio were affected really, I just hope things will grow up back...

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