Wait I thought everyone holds long term?

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Whenever a ICO is completed, go to there telegram and you will see 2 things.

  1. Everyone claiming to be holding 2 years min.
  2. Same people complaining for binanace listing.

Well the picture below is just a recent example of many. They hype it up as a longterm project and dump to all hell once it hits the exchange. This is just a small snapshot on one exchange, so who has any in there personal wallet?


I do believe in Hodling but whenever there is opportunity to book some profit, I do not hesitate to do so and once again when market is down I buy more quantity.

Ive been holding EOS for a while now, wish i sold when price went to $20.

Never a issue to take profits. its just real aggravating watching endless complaints then a massive rush to dump.

HODLing is not a bad strategy. The problem with people who hodl is that they cry a lot. Better to sell it if they are going to bitch about it.

Personallly I am a Hodler but not too hardcore. I take my profits where I can. But my idea is to find another entry point to reinvest it.

Irrational is not even the word lol. I hate to sound like an elitist but the barrier to entry must be raised.

But you have to trade it when it is hot!

Of course. look in the chat channels though, everyone is a "Holder"

You surely must have learned by your rank that HODL is merely a whale's way of keeping a newb in the holding pattern until all that's left is AIR. While he's buying all the gains, the uninformed get burned when the pump becomes a dump. Surely, you're not really confused.


I was referring to the abbreviation of the coin 😎.
On a more serious level: people who do invest into ICOs and maybe crypto in general are nostly short sighted. Just like Steem they see it a as a quick rich scheme! Now that the market is plummeting people get scared and do want to minimize their losses!
Question: how many people have read a whitepaper before investing in a coin? Not even 25% and that’s maybe way too positive!

Facepalm!!!!!!! Very well said.

Hahaha.. Well said sir

Well said sir

Never go broke making a profit.

I'm holding some steem, Is there any chance for the bull run? what's your review?

I have steem as well, but I am planning to cut my position in half. Ned has not been transparent and that is not something we can really have in this​ environmen​t.

Some are predicting Steem to go to 18 $ by this December, Is there any truth in it?

Doubt it. Rate of inflation coupled with no true burn mechanism does not leave a high probability.

It depends what the crypto market in general will do. Most altcoins are correlated to each other. When the second bullrun will come steem can make some nice gains. Until then you will have to be patient and buy the dips.

Everyone's selling for some quick gains in this market or to reinvest in strong coins

market is down so that naturally receving loss or hold the long term.

Hot go to more than 13 satoshi


I don't think holding is the best strategy. Because crypto markets are not rational, they are undervalued and overvalued sometimes. Being a contrarian works great in crypto. You have to do the opposite what the crowd is doing. Buy when there is blood on the street and sell some when everybody is calling for the moon. That's how you survive in these type of markets.

@crypto2crypto more articles will be?

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