This dump might get ugly.

Well if there is something we have all learned it’s that what goes up, must come down. The way it looks, everyone is going to be rushing to be the first one off the boat.

This could lead to a very heavy couple days of dumping. Be safe everyone.


with masternode you can still make quite a bit of money even in this bear market, I don’t understand people

the same can be said about most coins in the crypto space

Masternodes scams take things to a whole diffrent level. Masternode coins that dont serve a purpose outside of producing more coins can literally be deemed a ponzi.

agreed, which Is why I pick my coins after checking out their white paper not where I can see how much I can make

Which ones are you in?

Sadly I bought again at the pump and then everyone dumped , just like always but all I’m gonna do is hang on now and not sell in the panic

Be scared when everyone is greedy. But on days that the dump seems ebdsless.

The first graph everyone in Crypto should understand



Crypto moving up and down has been great for those who buy the dips and sell the tips!

We have also learned that what goes down also goes ba k up. The shorting will continue until morale improves. Ultimately the shorts are gonna get recked

no one in this world know where are crypto gone

All I know is I’m HODLing.

It’s just a question of when it’s time to buy again and I have the feeling that’s going to be soon!

These are the best days to avoid cryptos.

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