Stay strong.


If you didn’t convert to BTC on my earlier warnings, what you hold is probably to low to sell. If the fundamentals haven’t changed sit back and relax. Your time will come.


I can sit back (because that is all that I can do at this point of time) but I can't relax. That's why I am trying to earn as much steem as I can here :-)

Yea, looking at the reward pool. Now is the time to post like mad lol

Yea, looking at the
Reward pool. Now is the time
To post like mad lol

                 - crypto2crypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Everypeople's hope bitcoin rate grow up soon...some peoples says the rate of bitcoin grow up in december..

Jedi Mindset Mode ON

Started buying Bitcoin at $800 CDN. It’s pretty hard for me to feel bad about the latest drop.

very very thanks my friends, for given us hope of BTC

I am so chill I am almost frozen .
The wall street shills can not shake me, scare me or intimidate me.
I have way less to loose than they do. Our time has come, the days of wallstreet banksters controlling the planet are coming to an end... BooYah

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