SEC Delays Decision on Direxion's Bitcoin ETFs Until September

in crypto2crypto •  4 months ago

SEC Delays Decision on Direxion's Bitcoin ETFs Until September92CBC99F-02B8-4B23-AB0B-C7AFB30FA9E8.jpeg

Well this is a crushing blow ad a lot of the recent price movement was in preparation of the upcoming ruling. He is what the sec had to say.


Feels like cold hard manipulation on their part but who am I to call it out. Guess we shall wait to see how the market takes the news.

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Oooh wow it is amazing looking ETFs


The markets will react based on the headlines I'm thinking. There are several proposed ETFs, and the only one that matters right now IMO is their buddies at the Cboe.

I knew this was going to happen

I wonder what will happen when this etf gets dissaproved.

CME ETF is the only one that matters and this is not related to this ETF.

@crypto2crypto this bad news ,but crypto is growing future.