Resisting the urge to buy alts

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For the past couple of weeks every day I would say to myself man there is no way these alts can get any cheaper, and every day they have gotten cheaper. I have been resisting the urge to buy into the alt market, but at some point it becomes greed. I guess I will be waiting out one more day then seeing about grabbing some of these super cheap alts.


You got to at some point.
You didn't become a millionaire by not buying 😉

Very true my friend. Very true.

The best altcoins to buy into for now are the passive earning coins and also those that have a solid fundamentals for future growth @crypto2crypto

You read my mind. If it’s not compounding then you are losing.

Best coins are those with real life rules - stable amount with tiny inflation through block emission, coins you have to earn/buy.

On downfall will always be coins that ignore these rules.
Coins you somehow "get", by staking or airdrop are always ending in crazy inflation spiral.
Or like XRP, which as corporate works on controlled pump/dump media PR+coin emission.

Not true, there are many examples of coins with POS that don't suffer from this conundrum.

PIVX is best example and still worthless (apart from couple of gamblers buying, offer/demand ratio is 10:1 or more):

Ooooh worthless is a pretty strong word. Plenty of use cases. With correct personnel it could have been adopted much quicker.

I personally use it almost daily, and of course the offer demand ratio is off, it’s a freaking bear, what do you expect.

any alt coins in mind?

Any coin which offers some extra functionality over Bitcoin and which you have to earn/buy.
Ignore airdrops, everyone drops as many as possible and as fast as possible as soon as they got listed on exchange (few dummies will always buy) till the "buy orders" disappear and coin got delisted for zero trading.
Same applies for staking (but the inflation curve is bit slower as you treasure your coins as you need to buy the initial volume)

I think there cheap for a reason, I can’t use any of them 😂

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Lmao true

Wait for the will show its hand first :))

If you buy once reversal is confirmed, it’s too late

Depends on your timeframe and the move your playing for. But no, that is incorrect. A daily reversal signal on a candle is very early compared to when others start to get in.

naw once that reversal is shown the hoard rushes in.

Yeah, But alts also sometimes give good profit to you but there is no comparison with btc if one wants to invest some big amount.
Mind always resists to lose money :p

alts is bleeding now. present is better in invest purpose.

I bought some alts thinking they were cheap. Now they are half the price they were 😟

This is what I am trying to avoid.

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