I guess you did really capture essence of the condition of those who are in the market these days............... just hurts to wonder what it going to be like when you drive. Obviously most of here know of it

Blistering I can imagine.

jeez exactly
6,600$ seems to be a good support level, but, fuck, 6,700$ was also very strong throughout 2018
we may be getting lower

I’m betting on it.

Ouch. Feels about right.

nice design like a car. This is really amazing and experience picture thanks you bro for share this.

Just a saw designed like a car.

A really expressive picture
Well done, my friend

haha, perfect demonstration. It is really time-consuming and takes a lot of effort to get the perfect calculations and stats about crypto.

I agree with the author, @crypto2crypto!

This is the current scenario in crypto market. This image is literally saying a lot about crypto and this is so funny situation i suppose but there is still some hope in the bitcoin that it will cross it's previous high will make a new record because crypto is future and bitcoin it's parent.

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