I never heard of the concept of whales before I got to steemit last year. Now my financial life is in their hands and I really need to make some kind of change for the better.

I would like to meet said whales

Don't hold your breath lol. It's a very exclusive group.

if you purchase crap copycat coin, that's going to plummet, it's you who is ruining your financial life.
Whales manipulate whole market. If you panic and sell at bad moment - it's once again you who is ruining your financial life by bad decisions.

If you want to change your financial life for the better, work on your skills/knowledge and don't rely on some cryptocurrency to go up in value.

I made decent amount of money in IM since 2003/4, I made decent amount of money with crypto's since 2013. I've lost some with bad and hurried decisions.
But if none of above happened, I've always made enough money in "offline IRL market", so I wouldn't end living under the bridge in any circumstances, whales or not whales.

I got this one:



1sbd to my good man

Thanks man! Did I win something?

..... just kidding :-)

Check your wallet

Just did! once again, thanks a lot man :-)

Thanks for playing lol

I believe in “if you believe in the project the price now is no of concern”
Also, do you know how they play bingo in Afghanistan?


No i do not. how do they

It there below my comment.
B52 or F16!


The price is being manipulated by whales. The whole market is down not just us

And i am down too much. Hope to see a betterment

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