Just enjoy life.

Sometimes we just need stop and enjoy life. Chasing paper is cool, but all money gives you is the option to not exchange your time for survival.

How can you live if all you do is work to survive?


You have to do one thing while continuing to do the other. :-) Good post, @crypto2crypto.

Time with my family is way more important to me than money. That's the reason i got involed in crypto, in pursuit of financial freedom... needless to say - I'm still working on it!

How can you live if all you do is work to survive?

You can’t. That’s one more reason why cryptos have to work....it is the only way for average people to gain financial freedom and independence. Therefore to enjoy every second of life

We seek financial freedom yes, but why acquire the burden on the first place?

Because this damn world is built this way....

I’m finding that it’s not entirely true. Some of it is self inflicted.

Work to survive, but take brakes.

You can't live if all you do is work, but we work so at some point we can live.

Wow the beer really made me philosophical last night 😂 😂

keep patience bro

good information,Thank

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