BEWARE: EOSgas airdrop is a scam

in crypto2crypto •  4 months ago


Note this has nothing to do with EOS and only that they just used there name. This “airdrop” was strictly for phishing purposes and would steal your coins.

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Oh ,i join for claim tokens it ask kyc so i leave this

@crypto2crypto, what if some scumbags just used it to send illegitimate email? Maybe the thing is not in ico, but other people outside that try to scam?


It’s a scam.


Ontheverge is ideal phishing victim.
And he has Stockholm syndrome, defending those who are stealing from him.


If "official" web suggest a wallet on subdomain on junk TLD, than you know it's scam or in this case luring out Private keys and seed - it's phishing.

Please learn what is:
domain name & TLD (.icu - junk nTLD)
subdomain (subdomain pretending to TLD to be .com)
whois ( is registered with Namecheap which has Bitcoin payments holder owner identity)
whoisguard ( is behind WHOISGUARD - hidding registrar identity)
nameservers ( is hosted at Hostwinds webhosting which has Bitcoin payments - once again hidding owners identity).

I feel you will be victim of many phishing attempts. Bet you send you send your e-mail login/pass to any "e-mail from administrator" asking for your login credentials.

@crypto2crypto reason for huge profit in crypto. many scammer enter in crypto. i think beware everybody.


it's not about crypto. It's about human nature of mankind - most people with balls and ability to steal will steal.
Bernie Madoff did scam people from $60 bln (if we cut of fake ROI promises, it was still around $30 bln for deposits).

The problem of cryptocurrencies that you can easily get away with scams/theft (you don't need as big balls as IRL thiefs).
And you have tons of inexperienced people with relative wealth.

Yes they are demanding the private keys.



@crypto2crypto thank you for giving such a big knowledge about EOSgas airdrop scam

i lost 500$ same way few month ago