NEO will surpass Ethereum.

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Hear me out.

NEO will surpass Ethereum in due time. Why? Because Ethereum is limited by its programming language Solidity. Sure, this can be corrected, but they are already behind and its valuation has stalled significantly. The ship has sailed on Ethereum, although it will continue to be a stable coin and probably pass $400 soon.

I really think NEO will soon create its own ecosystem and will be much larger in the years to come.

Just consider its many side projects:
NeoContracts able to be code in many languages (C++, JAVA, N#, Python)
NEOx gives you cross-chain asset exchange (basically what ARK wants to do)
NEOQ is working on cryptography that is quantum-proof
NEOMessage, a messaging system on the blockchain (goodbye Status Network Token)
NEOFS is cloud storage on the NEO blockchain (Siacoin will be worth 0.0002 cents)
City of Zion is making all of Ethereum's dapps compatible with NEO.
Not to mention, owning NEO gives you free money.

And much more. This just might be "the one." It was just featured on Huffington Post today and is hitting the two of the top three Japanese exchanges soon. This price is still a bargain in my eyes. If I could go back in time and get Ethereum at $35, I would. This is the time to correct that mistake.

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totally agree, been bullish and believer since it was Antshare

Yes I agree. Made a post about Neo earlier today. It may even claim top spot above Bitcoin one day.

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What do you think about EOS v Neo any thoughts?
Good post thanks.

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