GET YOUR FREE Monaco card and earn 0.75% of what you spend!! 🤑🤑🤑

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Today, Monaco takes a significant step towards its vision of making cryptocurrency available in every wallet as we begin taking reservations for the Monaco card.


You can get a free Monaco app from the Appstore or Google Play. It take a few moments to set up, but everything runs smoothly.
Must say that, I was impressed by the functionality of their interface. Take in mind that you do need some sort of personal document to verify your identity.

With a FREE Midnight Blue card you get:

-$2,000 interbank exchange rates limit
-$200 free ATM withdrawal limit
-No monthly or annual fees
-Free shipping

With a 50 MCO purchase fee you can get a Ruby Steel card, which gets you extra $4,000
Interbank Exchange Rates Limit and $400 Free ATM Withdrawal Limit, which isn't bad if you travel a lot, because you save 5-8% on exchanges and you always get the best value.

More CARD options ->

There was more than 4.000 Monaco card orders in last 12 hours, so if you want to get a FREE Monaco card with a 10$ CREDIT,
and order your CRYPTO card today!


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