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Which exchange do you use and why?

I happen to have created several logins for exchanges, so many that it confuses me sometimes.

But in the bull run last year it was really hard for some to get accounts. That is why I encourage you to get at least a few, even if you are not sure that you will need them. Do not get all but it is useful to have a failsafe just in case.
When some exchanges start delisting your favourite coin or if the wallet is out of use when you wanted to buy some more, it is always smart to have an alternative.

I have made a list that might be useful for you and all these are in alphabetical order.

Those I use most for buying and selling are:

  • Binance
    Its the best know, has a lot of volume and is adding new coins regularly.
  • Bitshares
    for me a must have since it is a decentralised exchange. Hard to hack and even harder to manipulate by governments. It also lists unknown coins a lot sooner then most exchanges and is a good link to steem as well.
  • Kucoin
    I like Kucoin, It does not have the volume of Binance but they share their profit of the trading fees with the Kucoin holders. They are a real bargain right now at around 1 dollar (12/10/2018) and give an ROI of roughly 6% at the moment (its a bit more since it compounds) which is a lot better then any bank will give you. They also list a big number of coins.
  • Lykke
    a less known exchange but since it is Swiss I can make a bank deposit/withdrawal in CHF and it has no trading fees but for the moment low volumes even though they seem to be improving slowly.

The exchanges I use for trading are:

  • Bitmex
    has the biggest volume in BTC USD futures and you can short and long on this exchange by putting some BTC as deposit (not for the faint of heart)
  • Deberit
    a newer futures exchange but they seem to have good volume, very good servers and no lag. for those that are already trading, I do recommend giving this exchange a try.

Other ones I have and sporadically use:

  • Bitpanda
    the first company I used to buy Bitcoin. Was quite expensive and looking back now it seems simple. Have not used it in ages but logged in again to check and they seemed to have approved quite a bit.
  • Bittrex
    I used to use this more but they seem to close a lot of wallets for repair all the time and are very slow to respond. I switched to binance
  • Coinbase
    The onboarding platform for most USA and EU citizens. Easy to use and good to get started, low choice of altcoins but they are planning to add more.
  • Kraken
    this was my first exchange, moved on from it due to sluggish response times but this was last year, cannot vouch for them now

I also have some logins for HitBTC and Poloniex but seem to have misplaced them/saved the 2FA wrong somehow. There must be some others that I am forgetting but these are the ones I have used at least more then once. I hope they help you out as well in your crypto future.



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  • some of these links contain referral links that will either give us both something when you use them to subscribe or just me. But they will never cost you anything.
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