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Goldilock is a new type of storage system, which acts as a cold storage until such time as the user needs to access their funds / data.

Goldilock is an ultra-modern and highly secure storage system in which the user's wallet is stored offline through a physical air gap. Therefore, you can not access the wallet from the Internet. This means that the personal information that comprises the private key for the digital purse of the cryptocurrencies is kept secure and isolated from the pirateable ecosystem (Internet).

Therefore, the Goldilock device will always be out of reach of the Internet until the user decides to access their data. Then, the device will connect to the Internet through a dedicated non-IP technology and data can be accessed through a secure web session startup. The device is physically disconnected after the client completes. What about the Goldilock company? The Goldilock institution does not have access to the user's data stored in the encrypted device.

• WALLET. Goldilocks can be used to store cryptocurrencies in a way that offers cold storage security while maintaining the convenience of an online wallet with the help of many security experts who can help you and your encryption. That is really great. They also have an authentication process to follow it and can assure you. And this is the main way to protect your finances from hackers and Goldilocks also has many experts in cyber security where everyone can not filter their data. You can maintain your Cryptocurrency with the ip-trigor mechanism.

• Neo Platform. Neo is the main platform used by Goldilocks for its blockchain and other Cryptos are also accepted here. It is centralized and you have the ability to control your own mind and help your own mind or brain.

• Security. They have many cybersecurity experts who will protect your crypto and also have the ability to maintain your crypto in the long term. This is a platform that will give you security and everything if you read and experience it will benefit from this.

¿Is Goldilock Blockchain protected from pirates?

Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by creating an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions. The packet uses multi-factor authentication, biometrics, triggering regressive technology and cryptography to change the burden of keeping the wallet safe from individual investors. and on our physically separated platforms. In traditional banking models, the fiduciary security currency is an important component of banking product offerings. When you store valuable physical assets in the bank, they are usually protected in a safe in a safe place. With Goldilock, offline data security has been combined with the convenience of online accessibility. Goldilock is online when you need it, offline when not, and available at any time from anywhere.

Token de LOCK de Goldilock

LOCK is the utility token that will be used to power Goldilock services.
NEO will be the first blockchain to integrate, and others will do so shortly.
The Goldlock Wallet service can be paid by LOCK by subscription. LOCK will also give users a history of the activity of their nodes!
Case of use

Bob loves to travel. He has saved enough money to quit his job and travel for a year. You will travel to large cities, as well as to remote places, so you would like to minimize your baggage to the essentials.
Throughout his trip, Bob will need:
• Documents: passport, driver's license, visas, insurance policies, etc.
• Finance - Cryptocurrencies
While Bob was collecting his important documents in a small bag, he continued to worry about what would happen to him if he lost it. Your entire trip would be ruined and it would take forever to replace all the lost documents.
Bob mentioned his concerns to his friend, Alice, who mentioned Goldilock!
With Goldilock, Bob can rest easy. You can leave your documents and your cryptocurrency wallets at home, where they belong. There is no need to carry such important elements and risk losing everything.
Instead, you can store relevant data with Goldilock and access your data whenever you need it.
A huge insurance company in New York, WeKeepInfoOnline Corporation, has had security problems. They use the highest layers of security protocols available today and invest millions in cybersecurity. Even with all this, they have a constant fear of being infiltrated, since the information they store is extremely personal for their clients and any breach of security would mean the end of their thriving business.
While they continued to exchange ideas on how to improve their online protection, an engineer team brought out Goldilock.
The company immediately implemented Goldilock, and changed its name to WeDontKeepInfoOnline, propelling itself to the forefront of information security. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing that your data is invulnerable to hackers, since, first of all, they are not online!
Goldilock provides an incredibly unique storage solution, hence the motto; It's "no hot storage, cold storage, just storage". Storage in such a way that confidential digital data can finally be fully protected.



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