How to get Byteball for free by just linking your bitcoin address

in crypto •  2 years ago

Short instruction on how to be part of Byteball distribution. This is going to repeat every next full moon till all coins are distributed.


  1. Have some bitcoins - its used as an indicator of your interest in crypto currencies
  2. Byteball wallet
  3. Wallet that is under your control ex Electrum

We will do it using Electrum wallet and signing feature that requires no transactions or fees to link your bitcoin addresses to byteball

You need to own Bitcoin addreses!
Don't use for example your exchange addresses as you have no control over your keys. Its not safe anyway and if you are serious you will have to get your 'real' wallet anyway. I recommend using Electrum -
Its mature and tested , has more than I need.

You will get for every 1 BTC - 62.5 MB (0.0625 GBYTE)
For every GBYTE that you own 0.2 GBYTE !!!

You may say its stupid an a scam (for free !?). I think its genius idea to make a steady attention and grow. Thats not conventional approach to marketing - no buying unknown and not implemented ICO.
You get free balance to play with an discover features of byteball system just check the website

Any questions just comment I rushed this post so its far from being perfect but I wanted to share this as soon as possible so you wont miss next airdrop.

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Does Byteballs really give you free money?

Thats awesome, just getting into crypto so this is amazing! Followed and upvoted you if you wouldn't mind returning the favor I will be posting on crypto related things as well!

Today is the full moon!! I am trying this now for the first time...thanks for the tutorial!! How fun!!

keep me posted on stuff like this