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Blackmoon provides a tokenization platform for real-world as well as crypto investment funds.

When Asset Token (ATx) are created (bought into by investors) or redeemed (destroyed) the platform is structured in such way that it uses the commission generated by these actions to buy BMCs in the primary market and use them to reward the Continuous Contributor participants.

Continuous Contributors will be required to choose one of a wide range of possible roles and perform specified actions to help us to develop the Platform. Investment advisors will be required to deposit a specified amount of BMCs on the Platform to be qualified and manage a fund on the Platform.

All available BMCs will be issued during the Distribution Process and no inflation is possible. Therefore the growth in volume of the funds’ tokens and the proceeds for Continuous Contributors will grow respectively.


We aim to create and maintain the world’s best framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment opportunities in both the real world and crypto economies. This brings blockchain flexibility to fiat instruments, and the benefits of accumulated financial wisdom to crypto investments.
Best of both worlds
Diversification of income sources while retaining all the benefits of crypto universe, including decentralization, transparency, tradability, and cost efficiency.
Legally compliant structure of investment funds is reviewed and approved by our legal advisors. By sorting out regulation risks, Blackmoon Platform will improve investor confidence and provide sustainability of the investment process.
Now is the right time to introduce the industry standard for setting up tokenized investment funds that can attract investments from private individuals and institutional investors of any kind.
Investment funds won’t be black boxes with reporting full of the fine print. This will substantially improve accountability of the investment managers and the confidence of investors.