Alarm Bells Are Going Off, Market Meltdown Dead Ahead - Episode 1482a

in crypto •  2 years ago 

The crypto exchange has been hacked, this is not the blockchain but where people store their wallets and exchange crypto, millions have been stolen. Core durable goods fall. GDP comes in at 2.6% much lower than expected, the numbers show that the economy is a lot worse off than the numbers actually show. Swiss central bank has been propping the stock market up, this is not an open free market. BofA warns a market crash is headed our way.

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Thanks again, Dave.

B of A would love another bailout. Should have let them fail in 2008.

Extremely informative! Upvoted and resteemed. I think with the Fisa and texts coming out next week or so they will crash the market to distract us.

I think the Swiss are keeping their currency low by buying US and other stocks. This allows criminals (the elite) to move all their assets into Swiss banks. They then move to Switzerland to hide from the military tribunals when the time comes. The west crashes and the criminals are safe and sound in Switzerland. My message to POTUS , when you confiscate assets of the elite you will need to do "regime change" on Switzerland.

IMO your spot on.

Not ever in the history of European Wars I/II/Napoleonic/Prussian etc.. has Switzerland been attacked or even breathed on for that matter. Maybe its because majority of treasures stolen during said wars were housed /auctioned /funnelled through what is know today as the GENEVA FREEPORT. Got stolen art, we'll broker the deal (3rd party). Buyer and Seller are kept secret. Jewel encrusted, no problem. Freeport knows all the Big Players(Royals,Drug Dealers, Arms Dealers, Cia appointed Puppets etc). Trump can seize $$$ all around the world ie.(Executive order DEC. 21st) except Switzerland and I believe Singapore.

Feeling like a canary in a coal mine. This market is about to come down.

Thank You Dave, good report.

Welcome to the rigged economy!