Two interesting cases of BTC-adoption

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1- From the Stanford daily:

Starting this month, the Stanford University Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) will be exclusively accepting bitcoin payment for fines. In an effort to incorporate new technology into law enforcement on campus, bitcoin will be the sole valid form of payment for future bicycle, parking and traffic violations.

Currently, tickets issued are payable by check. The planned change will make bitcoin the required payment option. However, due to currently high transaction costs, there will also be an additional fee on top of the actual fine value.

“[The SUDPS has] never done anything like this before,” said SUDPS spokesperson Bill Larson. “But it’s 2018 and about time for the Stanford public safety force and student body to embrace the digital age.”

According to Larson, the policy change is part of a larger University push for the use of cryptocurrencies in transactions.

Stanford Bitcoin Club officer Charles Lu ’18 expressed enthusiasm for the shift.

“This [policy] is good for bitcoin,” Lu said. “As a university in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford is at the forefront of technological advancements, so we’re sending the message here that blockchain really is the future whether you like it or not.”

“There are definitely some rough edges to be worked out, but I’m confident that bitcoin’s value will stabilize as people start to accept bitcoin transactions as par of the course,” Lu said. “If we don’t act to bring bitcoin into the mainstream now then we have some explaining to do to the 4.3 percent who worked so hard to get admitted here.”

excerpts from an article by Sean Chen

the complete article can be found here:

2- From the Southport football Club website:

Club Bar Goes “Bitcoin-Only” From Monday
Starting from Monday’s game against Salford, the club’s Grandstand Bar will use Bitcoin as our primary method of purchase.

No cash will be accepted at the club bar from Monday. The club’s own Grandstand Gold craft ale will now cost 0.00058BTC. A pint of Fosters meanwhile will cost just 0.00053BTC.

Purchasing Bitcoin is incredibly easy, just connect your liquid cooled mining rig to the blockchain or alternatively purchase your bitcoin from any one of the thousands of reputable anonymous online vendors.

For more information on our new Bitcoin bar payments, please call 01704 533422 and select option 2.



Exciting news! I'm looking forward to hearing more. I've been supportive of crypto since this time last year when I accepted some Bitcoin for a sculpture instead of cash. Wish I jumped on sooner. Again great news, thank you for sharing.

I think open crypto-adoption will likely be centered on education, sports, gaming and other areas dominated by a relatively young crowd. That is likely also a reason for adoption to be slower in Europe and other countries with a relatively older population.

Am i the only one, to whom this sounds like April fools chokes?

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