Market Rally Green Everything

in #crypto3 years ago (edited)

Monday was a good day for the Cryptocurrency Market. Don't take this a celebration, Its merely to acknowledge the rally for monday. It's a great sense of relief from days of decline, that's been causing disarray and killing us investors slowly.

Cmarket2017-07-17 23.png.png

Bitcoin bounce back from dropping below 2,000 mark, rally back over it to over 9.4% gain. Bitcoin is like a indicator it leads the way which ever direction the market flows. All the major top 20 currencies did well today Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitconnect and Steem just to name a few, green on everything.

I just wanted to enjoy this moment I think I speak for everyone. Not all days must be dark and gloom. If it's just to see a beem of light it's still better than darkness. Segwit 2x may have as well contributed to the rise. Support the cause let's hope for the best as we approach August.