Market On A Roller Coaster Ride

in #crypto3 years ago (edited)

Bitcoin seems like its going below the 2000 mark Ethereum below the 160 mark, Litcoin drop below 40 dollars, Steemit less than a dollar and Bitconnect was off the marketcap website for a short while. Its value went below 6% at one point today, back up again on marketcap and running smoothly back in the top 15 ranking.

Its so much volitility to handle all at once. Roller coster I call it. When all is said and down we are all part of this community we have to recoup and be strong. Dont panic, thats how markets work dont do what you might regret. We need some form of stabilization here.


The market is so exciting.

Thanks for the love @very. Good to know that the market its working in your favor :) we all hope for the best.