WINiota and Sports Betting: An Insight to our Artificial Intelligence

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WINiota will offer all major leagues and selected smaller leagues as well as all national and international major competitions pre-match and in running. All big sports will be offered e.g. football, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.

While our own trading model is in development we will use third parties such as betradar to license the odds broadcast for in-play matches. All pre-match odds will be traded using tools such as, bet-radar monitor or odds-checker.

The following image is an overview of how a bet is carried out in the back-end of WINiota's platform:


Designed to increase the accuracy of odds calculation, efficiency and output, AI sports trading represents the next digital revolution in sports betting which WINiota will be a part of. We aim to develop and implement our own AI technology into our predictive sports betting model in Q2 2019.

The primary purpose of the AI enhanced model will be for in-play betting. As an example, the AI will try to find a player’s “sweet spot”, where he most often makes his shots as well as comparing optimal movements in real time, though translating these findings into more accurate odds than traditional algorithms.

WINiotas artificial neural network will watch historical and live TV data, extracting insights not only from the dynamic flow but also nuances of body language of participants. To a certain degree, weighed social media comments will have an influence on the predictions as as well as the betting behaviour of gamblers. The WINiota AI will aim to emulate very experienced, specialized bookmakers and extract data that humans are not capable of witnessing.

Finally, the implementation of the WINiota AI model will lead to offering better spreads to the gambler and therefore being more competitive on the market.


WINiota is developing a community driven, On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino & Artificial Intelligence enhanced Sports betting platform. We aim to be global leader in the innovative decentralised gaming and betting industry, by focusing on transparency and provably fair technology. The platform is based on a transparent, nearly instant, peer-to-peer Open Blockchain technology — Iota flash channels and the Iota tangle.

Key Features:
· First in the online Gambling industry: To use Iota Flash channel enabling nearly instant transactions

· No Hot Wallet: WINiota is building a community driven platform with a wide variety of provably fair casino games. These will be programmed to facilitate Iota Flash Channels, leading to super-fast transactions that won´t need a hot wallet. Winnings will be transferred directly into the players wallet.

· Zero-fee payment solution: will open the WINiota players community to micro stake and high rollers alike.

· Community Focused: The community will be rewarded in a provably fair weekly raffle in which 50% of the profits generated will be raffled off to WIT holders. Additionally, WINiota will strengthen the community by allowing to vote for proposed strategic changes such as shifts of aims and goals or fundamental structural changes

· Live Sports Betting powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI): Our decentralized sports betting offer will include a fresh approach, offering an innovative arsenal of pre match and live sport bets based on IOT sensor data build into e.g. footballs, tennis rackets etc. WINiotas live betting model will facilitate Artificial Intelligence using the latest Deep Neural Network technology to further enhance the accuracy of odds offered.

· White Labels: White label solutions for marketers will be offered to further monetize WINiota’s casino games and AI enhanced sports betting technology.

Last but not the least!
WINiota Website: .

Pre-ICO from 1st July to 14th July 2018; ICO starts from 1st August to 1st September 2018.

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