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I bought my first cryptocurrencies back in August of last year. After a slow start, I witnessed my portfolio hit well over 200% gains and recent lows of -70%. I kept buying small amounts at what I thought were good dips that were followed up with lower lows. I’m not going to lie, during the most recent crashes and staring at my investments dragging me down so much; I almost cashed out at a loss in fear of it going down more.

Instead, I didn’t give into fear and I’m again looking at my portfolio with 20% gains at the moment. I have a good chunk invested, but nothing that would prevent me and my family from not eating if this thing goes to zero. Which goes without saying, don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose because the volatility is no joke.

I’ve learned quite a bit of things the hard way from my last few months in this market that I wish I had known sooner. Things like stop-losses, only put money in good projects, don’t fomo/patience, take profits, and much more.

I’m writing this as a feel good that my portfolio is finally green again (for the time being) or any new guys getting into the space. Good luck out there and hope everyone the best!


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