QUANTA Decentralized Exchange is having a Coin Vote. Let's get ETN Listed!

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Hey Everyone!

There is a new #DEXchange called QUANTA coming out soon for Us to trade on. It's a pretty nice platform with some neat features/specs from what I have looked into thus far!
Built on the #Stellar platform too!

Anyhow, to get to the point of this post; They are having a coin vote, and #ETN is a candidate. We just started driving votes from the Community a few hours ago, and We're currently ranked #4. Not bad, eh?
You need to quickly register before They will let You hit the little 'UP' arrow to vote. It's as simple as plugging in Your Twitter, Facebook, or E-Mail though. Super simple, and MOST appreciated for Your help in getting #Electroneum listed to one more exchange source!
(Vote Link)

So after registering on the actual QUANTA Website, it turns out They are running a promotion. The FIRST 100K Registrations receive $250 in waived trading fees. (I DID in fact receive My $250 worth to verify.)
They DO in fact have a referral program but it's sweet because They are ONLY allowing up to 10 referrals per account, which GREATLY reduces link spam.
I'm sure I will max out quick, but either way IF You want to use My link feel free! if I maxed out, it's still a valid registration link. (THANK YOU! ^_^ <3 )

Quanta Home.png

Quanta 500.png

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Have you hit your referral limit? I feel like I'm too late already!