Great, Refreshing Day for ELECTRONEUM!

in crypto •  last year

I added 116,000 #ETN to the vault earlier Today, and I'm feeling really great about it!
Such a refreshing Day for #Electroneum Investors :) <3
Much needed "Ahhh" of relief lol.

So good to know that now that Cryptopia is online again, We are getting out of the quicksand We were in after all! Positive sentiment is now returning to Electroneum and the #Crypto market as a whole at that. I love it!

Good Day for Everyone, I hope You have been able to make some profit Today! ✌️❤️

Refreshing day for ETN.png

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woah!....nice decision, you do really need to feel great about it.


Thanks Buddy!
I got stuck in TRX, as I failed to sell on time with the news of launching the Tron Testnet. It started dumping earlier than expected.
Anyhow, I had to take a small loss, but it already made up for it ^_^

I have high hopes for ETN in future a year or more will become something good, good article btw i will follow you as well, look forward to more of your work


Most certainly bullish on ETN! Donated a lot of time to This Community, and it's paying off. Feeling blessed, and a huge Thank You for following Me! I will return the favor :)
I just started posting to Steemit as I am beginning to move away from faceBook. Will be writing plenty more!