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 DeepVault is an information store that is held within the blockchain meaning that the data is immutable, forever! More specifically, DeepVault allows Onion members to store file validation credentials (hashes of files) within the blockchain. This has obvious benefits as it allows users to verify a file's integrity over time. Therefore, if the hash of the file changes, then the file has been altered or corrupted. This tool will be invaluable in checking whether your important documents are secure and have not been tampered with. Legal documents are an obvious use for this feature as it would enable a person to verify that the document, and thus content, has not been altered either maliciously, erroneously or through file corruption. 

 DeepVault fits seamlessly into the DeepOnion wallet and is highly intuitive. This novel feature provides a pragmatic solution to a long held problem of file validation. DeepVault improves the hashing process and file verification processes by providing a number of simple to use benefits:

  • The hash of the file is generated using a GUI that is embedded within the DeepOnion wallet.
  • The hashing process uses the secure and trusted SHA-256 algorithm
  • DeepVault protects the hash of the file within an immutable blockchain. This means that the hash itself is safe from alteration!
  • The file verification can be locked to the user preventing others from validating the file.

DeepVault is an important tool in aiding our community to safeguard and protect themselves in the digital era. The ability to verify your files' integrity has innumerable benefits and can be applied almost all scenarios.

A video demonstration kindly produced by @themonkii of DeepVault is available here: (Deepvault Introduction Part 2 - Sneak Peak)

A manual for those unable to view the video is available here: (Deepvault Manual)

An FAQ is available here: (Deepvault Faq)

Remember to look out for DeepVault verified, it's your safe guard to file assurance!

Sample Results:
Congratulations, your document (C:/DeepOnion-qt.exe, 24668673 bytes) is authentic and unaltered since the time of last registration on the DeepOnion Blockchain!

  • Your document hash has been found at Block 138018 (1701 confirmations).
  • The document was registered on Mon Oct 09 10:48:17 2017 in the DeepOnion Blockchain.
  • The transaction ID is 79c6f4aa2617bfa9ef4dd3e3eeb18cddd55982d5cf3dfd33cec1911a0723a7ae.

1. What is DeepVault?
DeepVault is a service allowing you to register a file's hash on the DeepOnion blockchain. This enables you or others to verify if a copy of the file is authentic and unaltered by comparing it to the original hash stored in the blockchain.

2. What is a typical use case for DeepVault?
A simple example: you download a new version of the DeepOnion wallet and wish to check if your download is identical to the Dev's release version. You can check this by using the DeepVault feature to see if
your copy's hash matches that of the Dev's release. This completely eliminates the possibility of using a compromised wallet distributed by malicious groups, protecting your onions from theft.

3. What is the owner address? Why do we need it?
The Owner address is a DeepOnion address belonging to the original person that uploaded the document. It
allows the original person to decide whether or not they will allow other people to verify the authenticity of the document. If it is a private document, then you may want to restrict verification to the Owner's wallet only.

4. Why can't I verify my file, I know it was uploaded to the DeepOnion blockchain?
It is possible that the owner of this file does not allow everyone to verify the document (see 3).

5. How much do you charge for using DeepVault? Where do these fees go?
When you register a file with DeepOnion blockchain, the system charges 1 ONION. All future verification is free.

The 1 ONION fee primarily goes to a fund address for future enhancement and support of this feature. A small portion is used as fee for related transactions. The fund address is DUyj8TeHTXwnsdy3AbsfBSye5jZRZ9DkH5.

6. Do you publish the source code for DeepVault?
Due to heavy piracy and the uncontrolled cloning without permission or crediting, in the altcoin domain, the Dev team has decided that the DeepVault code will remain temporarily closed-source. The code will eventually be released but there is no timeline determined at this point.

7. Any tutorial for DeepVault?
===>>> Yes, please see tutorial here (Tutorial: Deepvault)
and video is here (Deepvault Introduction Part 2 - Sneak Peak)

File Autheticity Guaranteed by DeepVault

Use DWyFkLbD4CPvxMX3oz81XGpADkSEVm7rtU to verify.

8. Is DeepVault available on Mac or Linux wallet?
No. For now the DeepVault feature is only available in Windows wallet. We will provide Mac or linux wallet with DeepOnion feature later.

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