It's Been Too Long, But Here We Are Again

in #crypto2 years ago

To say this has been a wild year is an understatement. The good news is, almost all the smart people in crypto think we're heading for a big bull run. Are you ready?

I joined Steemit at the very beginning of the bull run back in June of 2017 and it was a wild ride. I've seen the peaks and the I held my coins all the way down. lol... all the way down.

Holding has been my mantra. I've also been accumulating a little and I'm excited for the run. I know now not to get greedy and don't be afraid to take profits when it gets crazy and buy back in when it falls off a cliff. I hope it does get crazy!

Look, everyone here is interested in crypto to some degree, and we are on the precipice of something incredible. We're all early adopters and that is pretty cool.

My goal is to post more and let you know what moves I'm making as I get more focused on crypto for the run.

Get ready, because if the smart people know best, we're about to see some crazy crypto action.

I can't wait.

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 12.30.22 AM.png


I had been active on Steemit a few years ago, and am also looking at getting back into it again. It was a wild ride last time!

It really was a wild ride. I've posted here and there, but miss it. Glad you are back!

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