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Blockchain Lesson #1: You post it. It lives forever!

I admit it. I'm new to the cryptocurrency space. My experience is in the equity markets. I worked as a Financial Advisor for many years and was able to understand the intricacies of the markets. Crypto is no different right? Just another asset that can produce a potential profit. WRONG!

Oh man. I enjoy blogging, it's a nice artistic release for me. I can't paint or draw, and I'm not paying for the damage if you hear me sing! As I discovered new potential cryptocurrencies to invest in I'd write a short blog about them. This would help me digest the information about different projects and possibly assist others.

As quick as the price of Bitcoin can change, my education of the blockchain has changed too. For the better. Looking through my blog there are several that I would like to delete knowing what I know now. Many of my opinions were based on my previous experience. That experience is not steeped in computer programming or the ability to interpret GitHub.

I did a post on Ripple and that I would recommend it to family and friends as an investment. I also stated that the bank always wins, and Ripple not being decentralized wasn't an issue. I still believe Ripple will be a solid long term hold, but I no longer want to support their centralized platform. I understand the vision of the blockchain better today. To put the power back in the hands of the individual. Ripple is more of the same, I've learned.

My most popular post was on the power of compounding interest. I finally entered the cryptocurrency market in October 2017. Upon arrival I was presented with a monetary gift to make a loan on the now defunct site Bitconnect. I didn't invest any other funds (thank goodness) into their platform and I didn't recruit anyone into their scheme. I did show examples of people paying off mortgages with Bitconnect., and spoke of it in a positive light. WRONG! In that same post I spoke about USI Tech. Now they have taken a far more proactive approach and shut down their commission program. I do own some USI Tech Bitcoin Packages and they are appreciating. I'm thankful that I did not recruit anyone and tested the program for myself. But again, I've learned.

One thing that I am sure of is that I still have much to learn. And that's ok. I'm taking the time to research projects that will be the 'chassis' of the future. Projects that will allow other developers to build their visions and add value to the ecosystem. I'm focusing my efforts on utilizing my experience with technical analysis to find good opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies. I am admitting that my fundamental understanding of the blockchain is minuscule. I will look to more seasoned veterans to help identify fundamentally sound technology.

Hey New Guy! There's no Delete on the Blockchain.

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