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What is IAGON?

IAGON in simple words is a data storage platform that is decentralized and open-sourced cloud computing.images.jpg
As time goes by there is need for computing power and storage due to the increasing population and internet users. This need for more computing power and storage will continue to increase as big data and artificial intelligence is being implemented to a wider array of fields.
IAGON will be taking advantage of unused computing power as well as storage space to create a "super-computer that can compete with any of the current cloud computing moguls. IAGON will be joining unused storage capacity in data centers, computers and smart devices to give the needed computing power and storage, which can offer services at a better rate than the large companies in action.

IAGON Storage Services

Often times we store our data outside our computer against unseen circumstances which can befall our computers at anytime, this is called "Cloud storage"
One of these circumstances of using the cloud computing is to off-load the burden of maintaining local storage services.
Assuming, you want to run a website, there you go buying and assembling a server machine as well as run a dedicated internet service to maintain up-time; No more! with IAGON, you can simply purchase cloud storage services and run the website from some kind of hosting service.

IAGON's storage services will ensure a high level of security by utilizing the slicing of data and military layer file encryption (SHA256). By splicing data and distributing smaller encrypted components of the whole, it is ensured that no single miner has access to an entire file.

Something about the current market is, these cloud storage services are owned and controlled by a few large players such as "Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

IAGON aims at allowing users to share their unused space in exchange for IAG tokens! Miners receives based on the more data they process; the bigger the incentives.images.png

IAGON Computing Services

Knowing that computing power is in continuous demand as the world is going into deep learning and other aspects of Artificial Intelligence is adopted into a wider range of fields, there is a growing need to process and analyze large sets of data for the success of these.

Based on research, there is a lack of access to high computing power as far as individuals and smaller companies are concerned, while the larger companies pay high fees to utilize supercomputers or other centralized computing resources.
For example, facial recognition, voice recognition or video and image processing, large computing power is required to assess large data sets. This creates a barrier of entry for developers to pursue Deep Learning projects without the backing of large companies.

IAGON aims to build a global super computing grid that will revolutionize the cloud and web services market.

IAGON Smart Computing Grid

IAGON is ready to operate based on their Smart Computing Grid technology.

The Smart Computing Grid can be compared to a power grid. It is the resource allocation system behind IAGON. The Smart Computing Grid executes the following functions:

  • Manage a network of CPU and storage providers as well as users who need those resources.
  • Manage the distribution and allocation of CPU and storage.
  • Determines underused resources and adds them to allocation pool for users to access.
  • Allows the CPU and storage providers to earn.

IAGON Ai-Tracker

AI-Tracker contains over 100 different Machine Learning algorithms.
AI-Tracker is the algorithm powering the Smart Computing Grid's resource allocation system. AI-Tracker optimizes resource allocation based on historical data!
AI-Tracker manages node quality by ensuring the nodes are stable, storage and CPU distribution optimization which is based on historical data.
AI-Tracker will evolve and optimize its own distribution algorithm, growing and improving along with the entire network!

IAGON Partners

IAGON has partnered with numerous partnerships in order to assit IAGON match forward and upward when they enter the market.
Some of the early adopters are

  • Neureal
    They help users in prediction based on provided data. They can utilize IAGON technology to handle heavy computational aspects of their work. This will ensure the integrity and security of their network as well as save costs on cloud computing.

    IMMVRSE is a blockchain project specializing in VR. It is a marketplace as well as a VR video-sharing platform. IAGON's data storage services will help ensure that IMMVRSE can provide their users with high speed service without costing as much as traditional storage services would charge.

  • BitNautic
    BitNautic is developing a decentralizing logistics platform for the shipping industry. Their system contains an AI element that will require large amounts of computing power as they scale. IAGON's super computer can handle the computational aspects of the business, that will help with booking and real-time tracking of ships!

For more information watch this short introduction:


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