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Have you ever had a thought of how come you come online, on your social media platforms, Email and other, everyday to meet what you left there the previous day? This is possible because of the storage or data base of big organizations like google that have a database that stores the everyday activities on the internet from time to time. Millions of data are been created on a daily basis; from online shopping, uploading of picture, blogging and other activities regarding the internet. This is becoming an issue to the internet users.
This platform that stores your data can easily allow anyone who has paid for research or investigation access your data, without even giving a stipend to those who have taken the time and stress to create such data. This implies they only make the profit out of us. There is a platform that is ready to give us our right back and make us earn money for out data and give us the control of who access our data.


_20180824_164518.jpgDatum is a blockchain platform that is revolutionizing the storage world, bringing into the control of users of the internet those who will access their data and information, help users earn for their data.
Datum solves problems facing the data world, because, not all organizations or business can afford to pay these big organizations for data needed to boost their company. So the problem of availability steps in and this is solved by Datum network, which have made all this available on the blockchain platform. It will be the duty of the organization or researchers to visit the users and pay for their datum they need.
Users need not to worry about privacy because this data will be encrypted, ensuring data integrity.


The users are those who upload the data, or store relevant information on the internet.
As a user, you are able to have full control over your data and better privacy, over datum been uploaded on the internet. IMG_20180825_072720_349.JPGThese datum are encrypted at the source with a code, that makes it TAMPER PROOF (immutable) with an unlocking VALUE – in monetary terms that helps user earn.IMG_20180825_072547_899.JPG
Users also have to right to dictate how long they want their data to be in the hands of a consumer.


These are those who make use of data that is uploaded online by the users for research and the likes. This is where individual users can grant consumers access to their data. Data consumers are incentivized to build a trusted track record, where they store datum to ensure the privacy and credibility of the users.
Data consumer can choose not to disclose their identity, use of data, lifetime of data, Datum network trust rating.


This starts from the user willing to submit the data to the Datum network using the client software.IMG_20180825_072651_069.JPG
• The user uploads the data by paying a token for gas fee, and the data is been encrypted with a key only the user can provide to interested consumer.
• A storage node receives the data and saves it. This is done for many other storage nodes.
• When a data consumer makes a purchase request, the user receives the request with detail such as purchaser and price offered. He has a choice to accept the proposal or counter it with a proposal.
• If the user accepts the proposal, he will receive DAT tokens and the user send the description key to the consumer.





As a user, I have no reason to fret over this Datum network because, it's at the peak of making one and all gain from the milk and honey of the internet, by making you receive DAT token for your data.
As a data consumer, you no longer need to pay huge amount of money to get the needed data with full access from a user. Datum has made it easier without stress and waste of time using their Dapps.



For more information, check out the following:

Datum Website
Datum Whitepaper
Datum Telegram

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A job well written I must say.
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Do endeavour to visit their website

Datum is a nice network
It will bring funds to internet users
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