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Black Insurance is a blockchain platform purposely established for insurance brokers, insurance companies and generating capital to interested brokers.
Black Insurance is a platform where your growing digital insurance companies can come to
Black Insurance is basically established to surf insurance brokers complaints and supply them with desired and necessary online solutions.
Black Insurance is a place where insurance brokers showcase their personal insurance enterprises with ease and well sophisticated online equipments.


Every of your product and service will be given a first class design and finishing that will interest your targeted market.images.jpeg
Rendering a service that will satisfy your aim which will in turn give you great yield.

Price Analysis

Affordable pricing and selling will soothe individual that transacts with Black Insurance.
Here, we have carried out the best analysis so far from various and listed insurance companies across the globe.
Black Insurance gives a convenient price that gladdens their users even to newbies in the system.

Token used by Black Insurance

Black Insurance have two types of Token to soothe their users which are;

  • Black Platform Token (Satisfactory token)
  • Black Syndicate Token (BSTs safety token).
    Either of the two can be bought and owned by individual user.


  • Black Insurance runs a blockchain system, that is linking one broker to another and individual benefits is not affected or deprived.
  • Our brokers are licensed to operate their virtual company within weeks.
  • Black Insurance gives bonus to their insurance brokers and also no total loss in every transaction you undertake.
  • An outstanding incentives are given out to their insurance brokers which made them to out stand their contemporaries.
  • Online intermediary in digital negotiations or transaction can carry out their transaction successfully with more benefit to enjoy.

The Limitations

The major limitation is the level of human understanding in embracing this digital services available to them.
Desired customers are at a distance with their desired solution to their digital challenges and that's why all efforts are being made day in day out to reach out to them.
This brings about breaking the link into minimal level where by having the Re-insurers, Insurers, MGA's, Agents, Brokers, Third parties and Wholesale brokers.
Experts are always available to attend to any of your questions, complaints with a loving, warmth behavior.





Watch this introduction video:


Black insurance website
Black insurance whitepaper

For inquires visit



The blockchain solution is breaking new grounds every day. This is very good

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Black insureance will reduce scam in our society
And help us sleep with our two eyes when its time to retire

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