New Service Aims to Send & Receive Crypto or Fiat with No Fees

in crypto •  22 days ago

Crypto startup YPTOspace plans to develop an "ecosystem" that can move crypto or fiat over the internet without fees, "with the goal to become a one-stop-shop for payments and transactions for consumers and businesses." source

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YPTOspace hopes to enhance mainstream crypto adoption and eliminate delays and middlemen with various aspects of its platform that will connect blockchain assets with real world payment processors.

Some applications are functional now, while others are under development:

  • peer-to-peer trading service
  • automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system
  • smart demand and supply management
  • give consumers tools to manage finances
  • fast and secure crypto payments

The platform and services are geared towards supporting newbies and casual users of the crypto space.

The startup has applied for banking licenses in the EU.

YPTOspace's ICO begins on March 25 and ends April 26.

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