Chris Dunn - A Couple 0f Alt-C0in Strategies PLUS My Favorite Strategy....

in crypto •  2 years ago

Up In Your Face 3D Type Video ;)

I would advise anyone new to trading to take a look over this snippet of information that can lead you in the right path when searching for more free in-depth knowledge 0nline. I remember constantly going over Chris Dunn's vids and not understanding as I was a rookie in the game ;) I can now understand everything he's talking about after going through hell to learn this stuff haha He speaks of XRP throughout the beginning of the video and speaks on Steem/Steemit for a split second starting just before the 10min mark.

There is actually an easier way to trade by using the H.A.(Heikin-Ashi) Candlesticks combined with regular Japanese candlesticks. Just research H.A. Candlesticks and hope that your charts has these built-in as most do.
This is a bonus strategy brought to you by me @tradz ;)

His is also some favorite tools for Chris Dunn to use with his crypto-trading -

These videos were uploaded the day before yesterday, enjoy ;)


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