Trade Crypto Live - fun fun fun and finding a trade (AELF?)

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Trade Crypto Live is about creating a thriving community of like minded individuals striving to understand the new age wild wild west of financial markets.
Bitcoin and the alternative coin market has sprung up from the depths of the internet and the blockchain technology.
The excitement level for all things blockchain is at a deafening pitch.

If your new to this, been around a few months, been at this for years, you have found the place to learn all things crypto and grow.
We cover the basics in here. What is bitcoin? What are the alternative coins?
What is blockchain? Who are the brokers? What wallet do I use? What Platform do I use if I want to be a trader? What exchanges to use and which ones not to use.

10 Commandments of Crypto Currency Trading!
10 weeks of one on one training with me🤓

For more immersion go to our FB group:

For education:

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