GoChain (Blockchain), Decentralized Cryptocurrency

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This is the great project of making cryptocurrency market more decentralized, more faster and more flexible.

Decentralized Blockchain Technology

Internet is the great invention for the sophisticated world which made the great change in digital era. Internet is updating day by day for solving the current and real life problems. Before some years most of the users of internet, they just used internet for acquiring knowledge. After some days internet was used for business and promoting product. Then people started to transaction in internet through e-currency. But there was some issues that customers were affected too much. The whole transaction was accomplished under an authority. There was less secured and occurred some unwanted phenomenon which were too annoying for users. Also needed to paid extra fees for every transaction. Always a owner who could change the code of conduct on his favor. Centralized market was affecting customers too much. Then after some day a great revolution occurred when cryptocurrency came in market. Fully decentralize transaction, no owner, no extra free, no monitoring, no pressure , super fast, smart enough and super secured. This amazing revolution was possible only for the blockchain technology. Maximum businesses accept this technology for not only transactions but also for updating their system information. Blockchain technology is the greatest invention in online market.


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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which is open-source, public and blockchain-based distributed computing platform that supports smart contracts and distributed applications. Ethereum is a platform for anyone to build decentralized applications on top of. A lot of companies have already built blockchain cryptocurrency and token on top of Ethereum.


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But now a days ethereum customers are facing a problem that is ethereum is currently limited to only 13 transactions per second. Huge amount of customer use this platform and for this cause slow transaction speeds and limited scalability of the network are occurred on ethereum and DApps that are built on it.


GoChain is a network which is made for solving the current scalability issues in modern blockchain technology. Now a days, ethereum is the better blockchain protocol for supporting smart contracts. Smart contracts have great impact in many companies. Gochain will take it in different directions. That is why Gochain can improve the core things like speed, energy, cost etc.

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GoChain is 10 times more Decentralized, 100 times more Faster and 1000 times Greener.

Ethereum DApp Compatibility

GoChain fixed this issue by introducing a new relevant algorithm called POR(Proof of Reputation). POR algorithm made it faster, cheaper then before and easy to implement. GoChain is compatible for existing DApps on Ethereum. Developers can easily migrate their applications without doing explicitly coding.

Market Capacity

The number of total tokens in market is 1,000,000,000. And the worth of those coin in total $13,700,000. This coin is gonna be so famous day by day. Already $13,685,000 tokens are sold. Token sale ended at 3 May. Each token price is now $0.0282251 which is not so much and i think, this is the best time to invest here . GoChain will work with publicly traded companies.

GoChain Flexibility

Achieving flexibility is accomplished when internal problem can be solved any time through changing the code. Current Blockchain technology doesn't permit the coders to fix any problem or bug or adding new features once it has been launched. GoChain will allow the companies to change or add new features. Companies will made decision of changing by the votes of specific individuals. A minimum number agreement is required to take the decision. So it is clearly understood that GoChain is so flexible which isn't found in current blockchain technology.

GoChain MainNet is live now

The GoChain main network is live now and ready to use at super speed like at 1300tps that means able to process 1,300 transactions per second which is incredibly so fast in ethereum platform. All users can check their wallet, access their explorer and also know his node information. This public network supports 1300 tx/sec all over the nodes.

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@OriginalWorks made an awesome contest for promoting the GoChain Network. If you want to join the contest or know more about GoChain please go to this Contest link.


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A really interesting article the cryptocurrency market continues to push forward and extend into more and more areas of society. The blockchain is an infrastructure change and will take time to see its full effects on our societies, for those who are patient will experience incredible returns.


Thanks for your interest. The other name of crypto is patient.

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Amazing project and your article seems to me so standard easy to undersatnd. I got a clear concept from your writing. And i will try to invest in Gochain tokens.