In Crypto The Community Matters More Than The Use Case

in #cryptolast year

Community matters more than Use-Case when it comes to crypto. People will argue - because sadly a lot of people do not stop and THINK before they talk.....

Without a community, the 'use case' does not mf matter. At all. You can have the greatest use case in the world, and yet ... without a community it DOES NOT MATTER ............ meanwhile; if you have a community, whether your 'coin' has 'use case' or not; YOUR coin functions as Currency; and Currency within a COMMUNITY that enjoys paying WITH That currency, will FIND use cases.

  • Bitcoin had no use case outside of being Money.
  • Bitcoin, after 10+ years turned out to be more of a 'store of value'
  • Store of Value was NOT The use case/purpose of Bitcoin ...
  • ... but the Bitcoin Community, decided to HODL bitcoin, and spend OTHER currencies instead; Turning bitcoin INTO a store of value....

.......... Doge ... was created to be a memecoin; a joke, 'but' - it was a Inside joke ....... for a COMMUNITY ... that has continued to use it, for so long, that wealthy people started PUMPING their coin; putting even more cash into their coin; a coin the 'doge community' was already using; because they had a community already .... their coin, is 'finding' use cases; as Tesla, the Oakland A's, Dallas Mavs and other embrace their coin more and more; encouraging people to SPEND their doge .... because frankly that's what people in the Doge Community have been doing, since their coin was created.

All these reasons, are why I continue to Side eye all the people who joined Koinda and derailed the mission, over arguments about 'use case' --- > when we had the Main thing you need for a coin to win; a community; Keyword 'had' .............. smh.

living on earth in a dumbed down society has been rough.

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