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Money as a commodity is largely regulated by a central body (government) over a territory. Before the emergence of cryptocurrency, money circulation and regulation is centralized, this act of centralization leads to imbalances in the wealth of populace where some people get richer and others wallow in poverty.

With the emergence of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and many other altcoins which are fully decentralized:not under the control of a central body like the government, the occurrence of money in our society is under evolution. Crypto currencies are fully digitally developed and decentralized, giving free license to communities and organisation to mint their own currency against the traditional way of waiting on the government in doing so. The digital ability of crypto currencies allows money and value to be transfer smoothly on the Internet just as we transfer information on the Internet today giving rise to the “Internet of Value”. Cryptocurrency has helped in transforming the the money and value transactions just as the same way Internet had helped transform the world communication system.

Cryptocurrency and digital token created by communities are traded on exchange platforms. Exchange platforms are digital market where cryptocurrency and tokens are traded against each other. Traditional exchanges are centralized(CEXs) as they still act as a third party and not fully support peer to peer exchanges leading to high charge of transaction fees on it users transactions, thereby minimixing user income, which makes them in one way or the other obstruct the full function of the idea of decentralization behind the creation of cryptocurrency. Traditional exchanges because of their centralized nature are prone to hack as we have seen in many cases with bitrex and Co. as an exchange platform promises to be the next big thing in the Internet of Value ecosystem with it fully decentralized nature and ability to execute a peer to peer exchange on it platform.

What is is a decentralized exchange platform that allows the trading of cryptocurrency and digital token against each other. promises to be the next big thing in the Internet of Value ecosystem supporting a peer to peer transactions thereby allowing users to maximize financial return. will combine the efficiency of a low-latency full-featured centralized exchange with decentralized “trustless” cross-chain settlement making it an hybrid exchange platform with optimum ability. Transactions on can be carried out within it ecosystem via automated processes using the Hashed TimeLock Contracts (HTLC’s).

Crypto Exchanges Problems That Aims To Fix

The major problems of the existing exchange platforms that looks to fix include:

■Security Breaches
■Outages Benefits

  1. High security
  2. Reliability
  3. Accountability standards
  4. Transparency

**Security On ** looks to maximise security on it platform by using a cold wallet in storing users funds. So many exchange platforms have been hacked from time past dur to their use of hot wallet in storing customers fund. Keys are stored in various secured vauts around the globe and access to this cold wallet requires multiple signature for maximum security.The implication of the mutiple key storage and mutiple signature to access cold wallwt means for a hack attempt to be successful, more than 70% of it members have to be compromised which is by far a daunting task.

Reliability, Transparency and Accountability Standards

• will use the cryptographic experience of it team to achieve reliabilty through it carefully executed security features.
• Wil use it compliance feature such as complying with the requirements and standard of European Anti-Money Laundering Banking (AML), and also making- do with the KYC (know-your-customer) procedures. Regulatory Compliance and it parent company Paymium believed cryptocurrency will be regulated in the future. As we have seen in many cases of recent, some government temporarily banning the use of cryptocurrency and national regulatory body such as the SEC in the US and AMF in France looking to put in place a regulatory structure for the operation of cryptocurrency in these regions.

Having anticipated the regulatory requirements for the use of cryptocurrency, when the time comes will become the first exchange to be compliant once these regulations are put to shape leading to mass adoption of the exchange platform amongst crypto users in these regions.

Operation Model

The exchage platform will be available in both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX), the web version also will be available.

Internet of Value

The internet of value enables users to securely trade assets, rights, goods and services, globally and around the clock, without the involvement of a centralized authority, or traditional financial intermediaries, or so called ‘trusted’ third-parties.source


Unique Features of

• Hybrid exchange platform: will combine the efficiency of a low-latency full-featured centralized exchange with decentralized “trustless” cross-chain settlement.
• Support peer to peer transaction.
• Proprietary lending for users.
• Peer to Peer lending.
• Cryptographic proof of reserve.
• Fully compliant.
• High security: 98% of funds kept in cold wallet to aid security.
• Short and Long margin trading.
• Basic and advanced order.
• High performance matching.
• Liquidity services.
• ICO execution and Token listing.
• BCIO utility token as local currency.
Screenshot_2018-07-26-14-27-20.jpg and Paymium

BkSNOZW (1).png

Paymium is the parent company of and is the first Bitcoin exchange platform in Europe. Paymium was developed to offer services in compliance with European regulation and so is is managed by the highly experienced team of cryptocurrency experts that developed the Paymium exchange platform, bringing in their valuable and advance knowledge of cryptographic technology giving a competitive edge over it crypto exchange rivals that has caused crypto users a lot of losses. Together with Paymium, aims to be the leading cryptographic exchange platform in Europe come 2020.

Crowdsale's crowdsale is currently on and will end on October 25 2018, 6:00 AM UTC.

During crowdsale, if a user contribute more than 100 Euros in the crowdsale using the referral code emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z they will earn a 5% bonus.The beta version for the exchange will be released soon, and its official exchange platform will be live in November 2018.

BCIO Token

BCIO token is an ERC-20 utility token developed to serve as a means of incentivizing the exchange platform. BCIO token will serve as the local currency for all transactions on the platform.

Some Uses of BCIO Token

Fees payment: All transactions fees ranging from, trading, borrowing to tranfers wiill be charged using the BCIO token.
Incentives: The token will serve to incentivize the platform to encourage users adoption.
Stakeholder right: Users that acquire the BCIO token can contribute via voting to some decison making processes on the platform such as coin listing depending on the amount of token a user possessed.
Discounted trading: Users in possession of the BCIO token will be afforded discount on transactions

BCIO tokens will be unlocked December 2018,after the launch of the exchange in November 2018.

Referral Program

There is also an additional 5% referral bonus available for the referrer and the referee, to qualify, a contribution must be made that is equal to 100 Euros or more using the referral code emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z

Steps to make contribution

  1. Log in to your account on
  1. On your “Dashboard”, paste the referral code that has been given to you by another contributor.
  1. Contribute an amount equivalent to at least 100€.
  1. Benefit from a 5% bonus on your total contribution. Your dashboard will be updated on a regular basis with your referral bonus.
    1_ktFa9cnPmpl3GyZBBJCTEQ.png source


Blockchain exchange is the future of exchange platform for cryptocurrency. Built to be the first exchange to be fully compliant to regulatory measure for cryptocurrency giving it competitive edge. Using the cryptographic experience of the paymiun team, blockchain offers much more than regulation compliance, it is secure, reliable, accountable and transparent. With the future of cryptocurrency exchange is secure and promises to be the gateway to the internet of value.

Here is an introductory video on






>Hard cap

Cap of amounts raised through the sale of Tokens is set at 20 million euros.

>Token Supply

Paymium will emit 100 million ERC20 Tokens with the BCIO symbol.

>Token Refrence Price

During the Token Sale, each Token will cost the equivalent of 0.70 euros in either Bitcoin or Ether at the date of purchase (the conversion rate will be calculated based on the exchange rate published on the website “”)

>Accepted Currencies

Only Bitcoin and Ether will be accepted in exchange for BCIO Tokens.


The minimum buy-in to participate in the Token Sale is 100 euros. The maximum buy-in to participate in the Token Sale is 500.000 euros.(source)[]

For more Information and Resources Website Token Sale Page and Details Token Sale Contribution Guide Whitepaper Medium YouTube Telegram Twitter Reddit

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