My Dash dream

in #crypto2 years ago

I'm not a huge fan of Dash, which has its drawbacks and imo gets outscaled by similar projects like Decred, when it comes to tech.

But you can't argue with one little thing. Dash has the best marketing of any crypto and proved it a lot of the times.

I'm especially suprised that campaigns like giving away free Dash are taking place. There wee 2 of them so far from what I know. Once 20$ and lately 5$ worth of Dash given away for everyone doing one little task.

I participated it the last (just retweet) one and I got 0,0282 Dash, which was 5$ at the time. Now it's over 10$, and from where I come from, it's about 4 hours working in McDonald or any other physical job.


I could have sold it aleady to get some more quality coins but here I came with my idea.

I'm going to spend it on beer or lovely dinner whenever I'll be able to walk into a store, ub or restaurant and pay directly using mobile Dash wallet.

I probably could find a place like this online and go straight to it, but it's not what I ment.
When I'll see some place accepts Dash on the street, I'll know that crypto era became.

That's my Dash dream.