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  • WorldBank new blog-post speaks about DLT - DLT could transform cross-border payments and talks about Ripple xRapid 40-70% savings.
  • Huobi DM will launch Ripple XRP crypto contract trading this Friday!
  • Huobi’s US Arm Launches Institutional Group for OTC Crypto Trading
  • Arrington XRP Capital Merges with ByteSize Capital
  • New XRP Pairs Just went live Bitrue
    $ZIL/ $XRP
    $IOST/ $XRP
    $GNT/ $XRP
    $ICX/ $XRP
  • Ari Paul tweets - "Fidelity’s cryptocurrency culture is bonkers. Literally hundreds of passionate advocates at every level of seniority at the firm. They have more people working on crypto than the 5 biggest crypto funds combined."
  • FTC Technology Advisory Committee Discusses Crypto Regulation and DLT Adoption
  • Brokerage firm Tagomi receives coveted Bitlicense
  • Pantera nears $175M target for its new venture fund — here are the main takeaways from its March investor letter
  • New iPhone-Controlled Crypto Vault Promises ‘Bank-Grade’ Security
  • Stellar Patched an Inflation Bug and Burned the Resulting 2.25 Billion XLM: Research
  • Coinbase to Give Away Over $100 Million in XLM to Users Who Study Stellar Protocol
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