When the market is red...

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It is strange, but I feel kind of sad today. The markets are kind of red, and it annoys me that the most clear Ponzi on the market, Ring Financial, is doing so well. Isn't that a bummer? And not only is that a problem, but the more scams and Ponzis show up, the more of the investors money is heading in the direction of scams, instead of investing in the real projects with real-life use-cases and with teams that you can trust.

Honestly, that is a problem, and I feel really sorry for the OlympusDAO team who has the best team in the world and an awesome product, but they have to see every single day that new forks show up, and thus, take investors and their money, who spend it on junk projects with possibly no future, instead of investing in the real thing, OlympusDAO.


Of course, not all forks are bad, but with all the junk on the market that you can throw your money after, it is way easier to invest in bad projects than just the good ones.

So, I have to try to make some steps in order to only invest in the good places, and not spread my money out in all directions.

Do you have any strategy for this, or are you investing in all directions, to the left and to the right, up and down, and all other directions?

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