Video Game Championships Should Reward Bitcoins

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Since cryptocurrencies are the catalysts of cyber-evolution they should be more often included in the video game broadcasting industry. As a side effect, it would lead to a higher currency flow and demand. 

Nothing else raised so much awareness than broadcasting video games on the internet in the past few decades. Why shouldn't it be rewarded with cryptocurrencies?


The actual numbers are incredibly high. More than ONE-Million viewers at the international championship at Riots video game League of Legends. Over 500-thousand viewers at PGL tournament with an incredible prize pool of 1.000.000 Dollars!

Almost daily there are streamers reaching an amazing number of live viewers. Nonetheless, the streamers are directly dependent on donations. So why not reward them with cryptocurrencies? There would be so much awareness and attention, especially among young people. Imagine the benefits!

Who shares my thoughts?

Best! Michal.


MobileGo will reward players and will offer tournaments where players can win Crypto currencies prizes

I think it's a concept that can be copied easily. I see some potential, but not potentially in mobilego.

Have a look at their whitepaper

sorry bro don't see your comment

MGO will do this C_9uqL_UIAA2cVA.jpg-large.jpeg

Conceptional it's all old.