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This was originally written for Tijo at Arcane Bear and submitted via his YouTube channel. I thought it might be useful to people to post it here.

What is it?
• A blockchain technology for the Legal Marijuana space in the USA.
• It will connect and authenticate trade from end to end, i.e from harvest through dispensary to the end user.
• Backed by a token (Paragon Coin / PRG) which will facilitate trade and enable fund raising for completion of the project.
• The token itself is based on Ethereum, and will have its own wallet and exchange ticker.

Why is it good?
• The marijuana industry in the USA is worth billions of dollars and is growing continuously.
• The industry has a tangible presence which should ensure some stability in the blockchain and trade tokens.
• It should see adoption by the industry, due to the high profile of its backers and management team.
• Very professional website and web presence.

Token / investment schedule
• 50% of total coins are currently on presale until September 15th. Minimum investment set at $25,000 for the first 10 days, at $1/coin.
• September 15th, tokens go on Crowdsale at $1 per coin with 10% discount for the first 24 hours.
• Crowdsale closes on October 15th, with coins going onto the exchange listing on November 15th.
• 50,000,000 tokens will be held in reserve until 2021, at which point they’ll go on sale at market value.

Coindesk article:


I’m not involved in this project or the management of it in any way, but I am backing it in terms of investment. It’s my belief that as the industry it facilitates is a high capital, stable industry with high demand and returns, we should see good performance from the token. It’s also a cause I can get behind from an ethical point of view.

Many thanks for listening. :)


Isnt this the same exact thing as HempCoin?

Different. ParagonCoin would be running on the ETH blockchain. Check their team out as well.

Overly ambitious. No way they can take down HelloMD, Farewell, BiotrackTHC and the rent a office space all at once. Major ADD and too many chefs in this fragmented plan. But I don't doubt they will raise money and hit the SECs radar. Other red flag is the 40M keynesian coins they have in the deal.

@ lariat totally agree with you. Paragon is just another ICO to raise fund on a project that may never be implemeted...

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