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KREDS cryptocurrency aim to create an ecosystem of world utility, action-based reward, and currency for media and news websites.

KREDS is mined at GpuHot mining pool. and rewards per block is still high.

Algorithm is Lyra2REv2 , current block reward 54 KREDS. Matures at 50 blocks.
Total Coin Supply is 1.1 Billion.
Masternode coll. is 100,000 KREDS, and the MN's is rewarded 50% of block rewards.
Segwit activated and compatible with Lightning Network AND Atomic Swaps.

Read more at the Bitcointalk ANN
Wallets and source on Github

Come over to and fire up your miner with following command:
-a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u KA3vQVBpkBFTPpiWRJx1ixR7bnu7nACNYG -p c=KREDS
(replace pool wallet with your own)

Keep blockchains decentralized - mine small pools!
No login - Hourly payouts - Low fee

♨️ Block explorer:

♨️ Coin Channel:

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Interesting concept and project, gave it an up vote and will have a look into Kreds


I found it quite interesting too, also a nice community at their Discord.

I'm mining it now, but it's a long way to masternode yet, collecting about 800 KREDS a day.