How long will this Dip will last ?

in #crypto4 years ago (edited)

What do you think the duration of this is going to be ?

It already is over a month now and still no signs of recovery for cryptocurrencies.

What do you guys think, how much more time it'll need to recover to get back on track and start moving upward.

My view point is that this dip will last around 6 months or so. And after that it'll start moving positively and then at the end of this year it'll blow again, just like last year.


No one can really tell as the market could get bullish very quickly and the prices could rise at the same pace as they fell. fingers crossed :)

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I would agree yhat it will take some months to recover. Now is the time to get some sales!

yes.. infact its a blessing in disguise.. grab some low price coins now...

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