Something miraculous happened on EOS and no one paid attention

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EOSdac just completed its airdrop in a 1:1 manner for EOS tokens. The result? A several hundred million dollar market cap. Out of thin air. In a few days. At the same moment, by keeping some tokens to themselves, the team self-funded.

This demonstrates the immensely innovative economic model of EOS that essentially no one has caught onto yet. EOS is going to move us away from the insane ICO model that people have been doing on Ethereum for so long. It leads to poor distributions as people try to get in early and then sell for 10x on the market later. And also it leads to trouble as these ICOs are investments and the SEC will certainly be interested in them.

So now we see how simple and effective the path forward is to self fund your project on EOS. If you want funding for your project on EOS, here is what you do. You don't have to do KYC, have people sign up, do bounties, or anything else. Tell people about it, have a presence, make a website. Announce a countdown. But that's it. And then just airdrop the damn tokens. Bomb the chain in a 1:1 manner. Keep 10% or so for yourself as a bounty. BOOM. You just made a market and now own a significant chunk. If your project is any good it will be held onto by the token holders and have a high price. If your project is terrible it will be valued lower. But probably it will be valued in the tens of millions at minimum, and if you have any potential at all, possibly even the hundreds of millions. Therefore, the projects will find natural market caps. The more you succeed the bigger your share will grow.

EOSdac just proved you could make a market out of thin air by letting the EOS distribution list hold onto tokens, evaluate the project, and then buy or sell dependent on whether they like the project.

So forget doing an ICO. There is no ICO. Just an airdrop. Which means there are no security laws. There are no contributions or list of contributors to worry about. There is nothing. You are just distributing some "worthless" tokens free of charge to a distribution of addresses. It's not an investment and you don't need to worry about the SEC. No one does. If people then want to make a market (oh and believe me they will if your project is good) they do that of their own accord. Note that this mimics exactly what did with EOS, by distributing the tokens and then letting others start the chain. You distribute your tokens, don't price them or sell them yourself, and let others make the market. You then own a nice little chunk of that market.

So forget about KYC, forget about collecting emails, forget all that. Forget about the SEC and security laws too. Just drop the tokens, keep a bit for yourself, and let the market sort it out. The EOSdac experiment proves this would be an extremely lucrative, simple, and legally viable way of self-funding your project.

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eos is a erc20 token itself so how to receive the airdrop

btw the airdrop already happened and who ever holds eos in their ethereum wallet gets the new token and the one who hold eos in exchange wallet should ask their exchange